60s fashion teenage girls

60s fashion teenage girls

When girls turn into teenagers, fashion is suddenly on the forefront of many of their minds. Everything they wear is thought about deeply. This is true for everything they wear from head to toes, and this includes their eyeglasses. If you have a teen girl or are a teen girl, here is a guide, provided by The Eyewear Place, to five eyewear styles that are perfect for teen girls.

1. Chunky, Bold Frames

Geek chic has never been hotter that it is right now, and teen girls can pull off geek chic better than anyone else. One of the hottest trends in teen girls’ eyewear right now is chunky, bold frames. These thick frames really stand out and attract attention, which makes them perfect for a strong teen girl who likes to be noticed.

5 Eyewear Styles Perfect For Teen Girls

2. Wayfarer Frames

One of the hottest trends in fashion circles right now is to wear Wayfarer frames. This classic shape from Ray-Ban has a timeless style that gives it a lot of appeal. As well as traditional Wayfarer frames, some teen girls are opting to wear bigger, exaggerated Wayfarer styles.

3. Cat Eyes Frames

For the teen girl who is looking for the perfect pair of frames to create a sultry, sexy look, there is no better style than a pair of cat eye frames. This retro style was at its height of popularity in the 60s, but the trend has come back around as most trends do in fashion. These cat eye frames are a great look for teen girls because they make them feel confident and powerful, helping them to face the challenges of being a teenager head-on.

4. Oversized Round Frames

Like many of the other eyewear trends that are hot for teen girls right now, the most popular round frames are now oversized. These oversized frames create a bold look that helps girls get noticed and feel empowered.

5. Perfectly Round Frames

Another popular trend for teen girls right now is perfectly round frames. This style of frame brings to mind Harry Potter and John Lennon. This is a real popular style of frames for artsy girls who like to have tons of soul in their fashion choices.

These five frame styles are all red hot for teens right now. The best move is for a teenager to get a couple of different pairs of frames. That way, she can change her frames to match her mood or what she is wearing.

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