Fotografos profesionales en miami

Fotografos profesionales en miami

Body Shape quiz

Find out your body shape by answering the three questions below!

1 Step 1: Answer 3 questions about your body

2 Step 2: See your body type result

  • body-shapes

    Welcome to the Styled 24/7 body shape quiz!

    The quiz will determine your body shape based on the answers you provide below. The advantage is that you do not need to measure yourself so you can get started right away!

    Once you filled everything please click on next to see your body type!

  • 1 Let's get started: How do your shoulders compare to your hips?
    • about the same or smaller as my hips
    • larger than my hips

    The first area we need to compare is the shoulder. Broad shoulders for example are a sign of inverted triangles.

  • 2 Now let's talk about your waist. How does it compare to your shoulders / hips?
    • Larger than my shoulders / hips
    • About the same or a little smaller than my shoulders / hips
    • Significantly smaller than my shoulders / hips

    The second area to analyze is the waistline. Significantly smaller waists are a sign of hourglass shapes. Larger waists indicate an apple. A waistline that is very close to the hip and shoulder width is a sign of a rectangle.

  • 3 Last but not least: How do your hips compare to the rest of your body?
    • about the same or smaller as my shoulders
    • larger than my shoulders

    The last area to check are the hips. Broader hips are a sign of pears. Hips with about the same size as waist and shoulders indicate rectangles.

  • body-shapes

    Congratulations - you are an inverted triangle!

    The widest part of your body is your shoulders.

    Benefits: you are easy to dress, many models are inverted triangles!
    Problem: defining your waist and softening your shoulders.

    Styling tips for an inverted triangle body type:

  • body-shapes

    Congratulations - you are a pear!

    Your hip width is larger than any other part of your body. Both your shoulder and your waist are smaller.

    If you are a pear, your fashion goal is to elongate your figure so that you look less bottom-heavy. When dressing your body, it’s all about keeping everything balanced and proportional.

    Styling guide for a pear body type:

  • body-shapes

    Congratulations - you are a rectangle!

    The defining feature of a rectangle is a waistline that is not significantly smaller than the hips or shoulders. Your shoulders and hips are also about the same size (+/- 5%).

    You are really lucky, as you have a wide range of clothes to choose from. A rectangle body shapes person can wear clothes in layers as their bodies do not have parts that would add unwanted volume.

    Style advice for a rectangle body type:

  • body-shapes

    Congratulations - you are an hourglass!

    The main feature of an hourglass body shape is a defined waistline. This means your waist is significantly (about 75% or less) smaller compared to your hips and shoulders.

    Hourglass shaped women have chest and hips with about the same size, and their waist is narrow. This gives them a set of sexy, killer curves but also a problem as they tend to look heavy and short (because of the broad hips).

    hourglass body type:

  • body-shapes

    Congratulations - you are an apple!

    Your waist is larger than any other part of your body. Both your shoulder and your hips are smaller.

    Apple shaped women are well-proportioned, and carry a little weight around their breast and tummy.
    Your challenge: a lack of waistline.
    Your best assets: slim legs and arms and a beautiful bust.

    Style advice for an apple body type:

  • Please review your answers in the previous step as you have indicated that your hips are larger than your shoulders AND your shoulders are larger than your hips!

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