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Job Description

Answer . \nWell, a "associated degree in "Fashion design', in most 'accredited' universities and colleges can take 2 years. You will have to finish your "lower division' course work to 'qualify for a associates degree in fashion design. \n. \nEach university or college will be have different names for the 'lower division' courses that are required in a 'fashion design' course work, but if you follow the guidelines your 'Advisor' that should have been 'assigned to you' will be able to 'structure' a curriculumn plan that will show 'how long it will and a definite time span to finish your degree in 'Fashion Design'. \n. \ngood luck

It depends. . It's up to you.\n. \nIt looks like talent is more important than education in that field.\n. \nYou can get an AA from a college in two years, or you can get a Bachelors of Arts degree in 4 years.\n. \nTakea a look at this website:\n 2-4 years

Both. You must work in the office to design new outfits, and out of the office for photo shots and meetings with clients.

i fashion designer can in any places he likes... he can chose a place of his own he can lease an office space or just within the comforts of his home...

\nAs long as they want to. I have been working as a graphic designer for 40 years.

There is no specific path to becoming a fashion designer. Somepeople attend 2 year community colleges, while others are attendfour year colleges to study fashion design. Other designers do notstudy fashion design; they are self-taught.

You have to be fast, organized, have talet, and most of all some have a better time if you got connections. And that is where the money comes from.

Generally atleast 4 years -- Answer Usually it's about 2 to 4 years depending on if you want to get an AA degree only or if you want to continue for a BA Degree. You can even choose to go to school for only 9 month I think it is...and just get a just depends on the school...your best bet is to research your choice of school...I went to FIDM and they have 2 year courses, 4 year courses, and I think 9 month and 12 month courses as well I did 2 years for my AA. :)

It depends... If you've got a small business of your own with few to none employees the work load can be overwhelming, money is often an issue for smaller design companies, long hours at the office weekends included and it's important that you've got the know-how to manage more the just the design. You will be a part of the production and the business aspect as well. However if you work for a larger design company you will probably just be in charge of the fashion designing. This is usually also time consuming cause you'll work on multiple collection at the same time. Always need to be able to meet your deadline. .

Yes it does at times..depending what assignment they are working on.. . If you want a sample try this

Well it depends on where you attend fashion college. FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA has two year associates programs, professional designation degree programs (for people who already have a college degree) and you could even pursue your bachelor of science in business management degree! FIDM has a great fashion program that is very well known around the world. A lot of famous fashion designers graduated from FIDM which says a lot about the school and their fashion design program. Check out their website if you want more information.

Any "masters" degree program last for 5 years ... so, it will take you 5 years to get it.

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It all depends from person to person..if ur employed one can work overtime, if self employed den mayb 16-17hrs a day...its how well ur satisfied wid ur work..some designers work less time but watever they do is satifyin for themselves or their clients.. But honestly there are no fixed timings to this art also depends how passionate u r about it...i have an ability to work 17hrs a day without a break or until i completely satify myself on d it depends..but if ur passionate u don't even realise how long u've been workin..

Designer's work atleast 8 hours per day . Depends upon their contribution and interest towards their work ..

The same as most other majors. however, fashion is a tough industry to break into, so you would most likely need an internship or be working at a low paying job until you catch a break.

Givenchy He left Givency in 2001, and started working for the house of GUCCI until his death. May the brilliant designer find his peace


Fashion designers do not work alone. They may come up with theideas alone but they worked in collaboration with other people tomake a project successful.

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Fashion designers spend quite a bit of time observing trends and gaining inspiration for their new lines of clothing. Many travel the globe to see fashion shows, and to observe the clothing of different cultures so that they can reflect elements of these clothes in their own lines. Designers often have to spend time overseeing the production of their garments, especially those who have small companies (sometimes known as design houses). These designers might be responsible for supervising other staff, including pattern cutters, pattern makers, and sewers. Fashion designers work 9 to 10 hours a day, 55 to 60 hours a week. Weekend work is common, especially when seasonal deadlines are approaching. Designers get between 15 and 20 vacation days a year. The fashion world can be stressful, with designers working under strict deadlines and against stiff competition. Those who are just starting out may have to work extra hard to make a name for themselves. Many designers are also responsible for supervising the production of clothes that are made in other countries. This requires a lot of international travel. ( With this research being said I also believe the working conditions may change depending on how established the designer is.

It depends... If you've got a small business of your own with few to none employees the work load can be overwhelming, money is often an issue for smaller design companies, long hours at the office weekends included and it's important that you've got the know-how to manage more the just the design. You will be a part of the production and the business aspect as well. However if you work for a larger design company you will probably just be in charge of the fashion designing. This is usually also time consuming cause you'll work on multiple collection at the same time. Always need to be able to meet your deadline.

i think fashion designers have to work 17 hours a day. lol thyx for asknn

How long has fashion design been around for they have been around for meny years lot of people want to a fashion design

The masters degree can take between two and three years to complete depending on the credit load carried per semester.

In 1984 Donna Karan, her husband Mark Karan and Takihyo Corporation started a business "to design modern clothes for modern people". She showed her first Donna Karan women's collection in 1985.

I don't know how old you are, but it would be the best idea to go to college to learn to be one. Taking a sewing class would also be a good idea because sewing is, like, the basis of fashion designing. Fashion designing can be a difficult industry but if you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything! Don't give up! All things are possible with God!! :)

To become a fashion designer one can study anywhere from 2 to 5years. One can either obtain an Associates or Bachelors degree inthis industry.

It is all relative.... I have friends who graduated 2 years ago and are still interning. It's very competitive and there are so many graduates every year. Unfortunately this means only the rich kids whose parents can fund their living costs are the ones who get ahead. A friend of my cousin's has been interning for 3 years and has only just got a job! But that was in advertising. If, like me, you don't have help from your parents it is best to save up as much as you can for 2-3 years living costs (I worked out about £900 per month for everything - rent, travel, food, tax, bills, property insurance, phone - in London) So I need between £20,000-£30,000. Or if I can't save up that much in time (as I still don't have a job) I could work a night job at a supermarket or bar/pub but would be scraping by but the weeks approaching fashion weeks will be very intense - I've had friends working 12 hour days... so you might not be able to fit a paid job around this. Generally speaking internships last periods of 3 months and you can stay or move to another one. Always keep your options open - if you befriend someone who needs assistance styling a shoot, offer help even if you have never done it before. The fashion community is very close knit so it's best to get a lot of experience because you could start in design but end up a stylist or a PR. I have a friend who is working in PR now after 3 months interning in a design team.

Most of them go to school for 2 years. You can select a university and take multiple courses.

in my opinion, women work more than men because they also design men's clothes as well as men design women's clothes but i think that women work harder because they know what's hot and what's not!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, I'm sure they both work, on average, as hard as each other. But there are probably more women in the fashion industry than men, so therefore it would seem that women work harder as they get more done. But on an individual basis they probably work the same.

as long as they have to. There are jobs where all you have to do is go in for certain hours a day, but with designing, if your sself imployed, you will work as much as you have to.

depending on what type of fashion designer you want to be because there are many schools that you can go to

fashion designers do many different things. sometimes they work with drawing and sketch clothing and other times they are actually cutting out pieces out of fabric and fitting sample designs of garments on models. Sometimes designers are working on accessory pieces for clothing. Fashion designers may go to fashion shows and read magazines to keep up with trends. These are just some of the things fashion designs may have to do.

the work hours of a fashion designer are 20 to 40 hours a week and about 8 to 12 hours a day. most of the time you go to work at anytime but you mostly come home around midnight or 1 o'clock. you do work weekends and you spend most of your time away on work in New York or Milan so you don't really have time to settle down and have a family. its rough but in time you come out on top and get your ideas out which is a big plus!

well, they draw it in books/ on paper first and show it to the people who would endorse them(first show) then make any improvements and then they start to make the designs and they are then at the 2nd point of show on a maniquin

You can go to collage people say you can go for about 4 years lmao .

I think it's about not being afraid to take chances and set whatever trends you want. When a designer is not occupied with trying to keep up with current trends and celebrity looks a la Lady Gaga, as popular as they may be, the designer will usually produce the kind of work they really believe in, and that stands out. That's noticeable. Of course, doing something completely outrageous and terrible can also make their work stand out. My personal favorite is BCBG Max Azria, because their style is always classy with the kind of stand-out embellishments I like.

You do not need to be working with anybody if you are a fashion designer. However, if you want to own a huge company, you might consider hiring some other fashion designers to design for you. You could also, of course, sell your own designs to other companies (aka work for them) and they would pay you money.

well if you are a fashion designer then as long as you want to i think.... its like any job you can drop out at any time..;)

you have to take 7 quarters of schooling. i don't know what a quarter is but mostly you take 4 years of school to become a fashion designer.

For as long as there career lasts.... Which means as long as people buy their clothes and they can afford to make more clothes.

My cousin is a fashion designer, they have do 4 years formal course. She is in Italy.

Well, the fashion industry's biggest home is New York. You can also work in Paris which is another big place. Then there's always Los Angles California I've personally been there and it screams "FASHION" hope this helped :) -FashionFreak

Work environment for fashion designers all depends on what kind of designer you are. Freelance designers usually tend to work in small, cramped work spaces, but if you are a big name designers you would have a large work space with many others around helping. Designers work usual 9-10 hour days and are usually very stressed by deadlines and buyers. Designers also travel very frequently.

You can go to your sixth form if they offer the course or a near college, sixth form courses are normally two years which can be a A level or BTEC. College courses are probably NVQ's which last one year but depends what level you wish to have. Going to Uni is then the next step after gaining them previous qualifications :)

For a man silky pants and a black and a white silky shirt and a white or black tie and black shiny shoes.

It depends on whether they are going to release a new collection for the seasonal fashion weeks. As it gets closer they tend to work more because they have so much to prepare for. Otherwise it is dictated by their own creative onus

"A Day in a Fashion Designer's Life: On a typical day a fashion designer's tasks might include: directing and coordinating workers who draw and cut patterns and construct samples or finished garments examining sample garments on and off models and then modifying their designs to achieve desired effects sketching rough and detailed drawings of apparel or accessories, and writing specifications such as color schemes, construction, material types and accessory requirements conferring with sales and management executives or with clients in order to discuss design ideas identifying target markets for designs by looking at factors such as age, gender and socioeconomic status attending fashion shows and reviewing trade magazines in order to gather information about fashion trends and consumer preferences selecting materials and production techniques to be used for products A costume designer's tasks will include researching the styles and periods of clothing needed for film or theatrical productions. New designers often begin their careers working for those with more experience. They work as pattern makers or sketching assistants. With increased experience one can move into a supervisory position becoming, for example, a chief designer or a design department head."

Christian Audigier has been a fashion designer ever since he was fifteen getting the idea while working as a salesman in a local boutique in his hometown of Avignon, in the South of France.

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