Mix and Match Mama Shay Shull

Mix and Match Mama Shay Shull

"How to Put Together an Outfit with What You Already Have"

Welcome to part 2 of the Outfit Ideas-series! Here you'll find 4 simple outfit templates that work with what's already in your closet.

Woman looking into her closet

Whether you need fashion tips for a first date outfit or just need fashion advice on how to update your wardrobe on a budget - this page will guide you in the right direction!

Here are 4 outfit ideas on keeping your wardrobe fresh and exciting without having to spend a dime:

Outfit Idea 1: Mix & Match

Want to think outside the box? Then try imagining the different outfit combinations you can get from one garment. You can take out one piece at a time and try to match it with what you have in your closet.

This is a must if you tend to wear clothing in only one or two specific combos. And it's a great way to figure out ways to wear your basic wardrobe essentials.

Imagine the Outfit Combinations

Let's take a simple black blazer as an example.

What if we stretch the combinations by trying them on with the rest of the wardrobe essentials. Like say, if you have a Sporty Clothing Personality, maybe you can wear the blazer with a simple white tee and a pair of khaki slacks?

Or how about swapping the classy pencil skirt with a short denim or full pleated skirt?

You can also pair the blazer with a striped tee and distressed jeans for an cool and laid-back look.

A boho long summer dress will also look terrific with the blazer jacket!

Outfit combinations

You can also change the mood of the outfit by adding trendy accessories like jewelry, scarves, belts, bags and head pieces :-) The possibilities are endless!
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Outfit Idea 2: Maximize Your Wardrobe with Accessories

The Wardrobe Essentials are meant to be your blank canvas where you can work your magic with accessories. Accessories work best with the basics because you'll get more outfits and be able to create several distinctive fashion looks :-) Maximize your wardrobe with accessories
See how accessories can completely change the look and feel of a simple black dress?

How to Use Fashion Accessories to Maximize Outfits?

It depends on what look you're aiming for. It could be classy, boho, trendy or an outfit with a little bit of edge. You can even mix them up to showcase your unique style.

Here is an example of what various fashion jewelry can do with a plain black t-shirt:

Create different, distinctive fashion looks with jewelry

Shoes, hats, jewelry, belts and scarves are cost-effective fashion pieces that can multiply the combos. They keep your closet fresh and exciting without hurting your wallet. If you're crafty you can even make your own jewelry for less money!

Fashion accessories are a perfect and cheap way for adding a surprise element to your outfit. For example, a classy pearl necklace with a casual, boho-print tunic top.
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Outfit Idea 3: Wear Clothes that Accentuate Your Best Features

You can never go wrong with this trick.

If you're feeling "ugly", "fat", "hormonal", etc., you can wear something that lifts up your spirits like a cheerful and fiery color (like yellow, purple and red); or something that accentuates your best assets and make you feel confident about yourself.

And it doesn't no matter how basic or predictable it is. The extra confidence and how great you look over-shadows that!

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says With me, that's a waist belt, a short skirt, a pretty dress, my power colors from my own Autumn color palette (yes, people say that I look extra nice in black, plum, reds and browns :) ) and a low V-neckline.
If you have a nice butt, wear skinny or straight leg jeans or pants with a tunic top that falls right above your butt cheeks to draw attention to that area. Or if you've received compliments on your chest (between bust and neckline) then highlight that with a low-neck or anything that shows more skin around that area.

How to Accentuate Your Best Features

How to accentuate your best assets Use light colors, prints, cuts, embellishments to draw people's eye to your best body assets. Dark colors worn strategically can put your "problem areas" in the shadow and naturally make it easier for you to draw the eye to your best bits. Click here for the "Enhance & Minimize" fashion tricks!.

The Fashion Guides can also help you figure out how to dress your body figure and face shape:

fashion tipNote: Have in mind that by exposing sexual parts of your body you'll guaranteed to get looks from men and people might take you less seriously. Just make sure you know what's appropriate and wanted from your side for the occasion.

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Outfit Idea 4: Plan an Outfit Around a Key Item

You can plan your outfit around a centerpiece. Build an outfit with key item

It can be anything - such as a pair of foxy bright colored shoes; a piece of statement jewelry; print scarf; a frilly and cute blouse, etc.

With me, it's usually my latest purchase or something I've been itching to wear and show off but haven't had the chance yet.

The chic fashionista Anna Villaruel says Challenge yourself and build an outfit around your fashion fetishes; anything you love and have many of and something that oozes 'you'-factor.

It's also a lot about putting on clothes that you feel like wearing and would love to express yourself in. So if you're dying to show off a pair of new stunning shoes then do it and build an outfit around them and bring them to people's attention.

How to Build Around Your Key Item

Take a look around in your wardrobe and drawers. Is there anything that complements your item? Do you have any accessories that go well with this sweater/dress/pants/etc.? Put them on and continue adding pieces that go great with your ensemble.

fashion tipTip: If you want the item to really pop out, pair it with something solid colored. Like if you want people to immediately notice a pair of red gladiator high heel shoes, wear a black dress or jumpsuit.
If you're clueless on what works together, check out my suggestions from idea 1. Or you can just randomly try wearing the garments and combinations. In this way you're much likely to come across something original!

What's Next?

How to stretch your style and fashion envelope Now are you ready for more outfit ideas on how to take your style up a notch?

Then go to the next page for the 4 last ensemble ideas on exploring new fashion territories!

We'll check out where to look for fashion inspiration, how to make your outfit memorable, how to experiment with color combinations as well as how to playing with various exciting proportions!

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